Marker Data Submission and Feedback

We appreciate and encourage users of AMP to share their new marker/polymorphism data with the research community. Please fill in and submit your data by using the following preformatted template file.

Please send any related questions to:

All the submitted data will be displayed below with main marker information and the dynamic submitting status.

Original Marker Name *PT1
Genetic Marker Type *CAPS
Chromosome *The chromosome in which the marker/polymorphism is found5
Strand *+
BAC Stock No. *2
BAC Accession No. *AC009243
Position on BAC *The left side of Forward primer on BAC17012
Position on chromosome *The left side of Forward primer on the whole chromosome29273727
Polymorphism type *InDel number or SNP M/NIND 20/-20, SNP A/T
Flank Sequence 1 (left side) *Flank Sequence of polymorphism site (left side)ATGGTGCCGTGACGT
Flank Sequence 2 (right side) *Flank Sequence of polymorphism site (right side)AATTGGGTGTGCTAG
Forward primer (5'-3')GTTCTCTCTCAGATT
Reverse primer (5'-3')TTGTGTTGTCCATGA
Amplicon length (Col-0) *120
Amplicon length (Ler) *140
Amplicon length (other ecotypes)140
Restriction Enzyme Name *Name of the restriction enzyme used to detect the polymorphism for CAPS, AFLP, or RFLP markers. consult REBASE for standard enzyme nameHindIII;EcoRV
Special PCR Conditions *Indicate any special conditions required for marker detectionannealing temp 62C
Marker/Polymorphism Citation/Reference_idPubMed IDPMID: 20479223
Gel pictureJPEG
Contact PersonLast name, First nameLee,Louis
Community of Contact PersonLife Science College, Peking University, Beijing, China
Contact Person E-mail Addresscurrent email